My Story

I am Walter Köhlenberg, and investing in the stock market has fascinated me since 2013. Over the years, I learned from books, practice, and my mistakes. Friends and family, people close to me, often asked for my help or assistance in investing. I passed it off in the early years, up until now…

Investing is not common in Europe, specifically Germany, as in America. It is considered complicated and inaccessible for individuals. Financial advisers, banks, and other parties benefit from making investing sound complex. I try to break through this barrier by simplifying the investment approach for individuals. Giving everyone the chance to put the money to work for them is fair.

With this website, I reach everyday men aged 25-35 who want to make their money work for them. They seek a reliable, objective, qualitative investing source for a profitable future but have yet to be able to succeed in investing in the stock market.

The Mission

To help the world invest by displaying its simplicity for the many people, so they achieve the best capital growth potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an honest, accessible, and sustainable future for all.



We like to keep everything as simple as possible. This guarantees that everyone can understand and follow why, how, and what we do.


We give our best for ourselves and you!


Everything we do is honest and sincere. We treat everyone as we want to be treated. Therefore we are honest, transparent, take responsibility, and listen.

Continious learning

The world develops continuously and so do we. We can not permit ourselves to become stagnant. Therefore we educate ourselves indefinitely and derive joy from the process of self-education.